Sunday, May 17, 2009

My pals sunday and a heavy 8.5 kgs. of laundry!

My pal woke up late today very silent and slightly irritated, he probably woke up in the wrong side of his bed. Silently he gathered all those used cigarette scent stained laundry in a bag and the other 2 clay stained pair of shoes.

Since it was about 11:45 hing noon when he woke up he decided to take his lunch and fed me right after his meal. Right after that meal we went straight ahead out to get a laundry service then we went to church to hear the Sunday's gospel. Seemingly enlightening since I started to see smiles on his face right after we went out of the church.

After the mass we went to Robinson s Malate to pick some necessities and guess what?? we were able to see an album tour of Miss Karylle, yeah.. the celebrity. The daughter of an equally talented singer Ms Zsa Zsa Padilla. Her voice? nice... soothing.. not so perfect though just enough to make her the kind of celebrity she is right now...

What a day! Till then!