Thursday, January 29, 2009

My cuzz - IKAY

Here's an email from my bro about his doggy wonder - IKAY

Woke up late this morning, prayed a little and started roaming my eyes around the corners of my small house.Noticeably IKAY my lovely pet is amazingly quiet during that morning. Fascinating because I haven't seen a drop of her pee in my floor and not even a stain of her yucky "poopoo".
And whats more strange is that she doesn't seem so noisy during that morning. She used to be so untiringly barking during the early times of the morning. Well I thought she has totally gained some manners, and she's just trying to behave the way I want her too.
So routinely, I got her bottle of vitamins which she liked so much. I got a dropper washed it clean and had a dose of IKayz vitamins.. And what a beeeyatchh ikay truly is!!! inside her mouth was a portion of the cord of my nokia mobile phone!!! She had it torned into pieces the whole night! No wonder she's so extra ordinarily behaved during that morning....
Bad dog! Bad Ikay!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The history of the St. Bernard dog would not be complete without reference being made to the noble work that he has done in Switzerland, his native land. How the Hospice St. Bernard kept a considerable number of dogs which were trained to go over the mountains with small barrels round their necks, containing restoratives, in the event of their coming across any poor travellers who had either lost their way, or had been overcome by the cold. We have been told that the intelligent animals saved many lives in this
way, the subjects of their deliverance often being found entirely buried in the snow.
Breed History of the St Bernard

Handsome as the St. Bernard is, with his attractive colour andmarkings, he is a cross-bred dog. From the records of old writers it is to be gathered that to refill the kennels at the Hospice which had been rendered vacant from the combined catastrophes of distemperand the fall of an avalanche which had swept away nearly all their hounds, the monks were compelled to have recourse to a cross with the Newfoundland and the Pyrenean sheepdog, the latter not unlike the St. Bernard in size and appearance. Then, again, there is no doubt whatever that at some time the Bloodhound has been introduced, and it is known for a certainty that almost all the most celebrated St. Bernards in England at the present time are closely allied to the Mastiff.

Historical Character of the St. Bernard

The result of all this intermixture of different breeds has been the production of an exceedingly fine race of dogs, which form one of the most attractive features at our dog shows, and are individually excellent guards and companions. As a companion, the St. Bernard cannot be surpassed, when a large dog is required for the purpose. Most docile in temperament and disposition, he is admirably suited as the associate of a lady or a child.

The St. Bernard is sensitive to a degree, and seldom forgets an insult, which he resents with dignity. Specimens of the breed have occasionally been seen that are savage, but when this is the case ill-treatment of some sort has assuredly been the provoking cause.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Festive meal for everyone!!!

Toady is my pal's mom birthday... They decided to put some spareribs in the platter so that would mean that there will be a lot of boneys for me... Yummy! Earlier this day I had a festive meal already, my pal gave me a piece of chicken... just can't get enough of this Yummy!!!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Small Pup Frendz - my pals!

Because dogs are not classified by their height small dogs come from a variety of different groups, some from the Toy Dog Group, others from the Terrier Group. But irregardless of what group these dogs belong they still are the same very playful cute dogs you know.

Here are some pics of my friends some you know, others you rarely meet. But you see they are the most precious pals I've got. I actually happen to grab some of their pics for you to be able to familiarize some of their doggy faces. mwuah!


My pal seemed very enthusiastic today. He probably woke up in the right side of the bed. After feeding me, we actually had a walk with in the subdivision. Many dogs were also there, some nice looking others not so nice looking.

We stopped by a near basketball court where my pal played for few hours while I was left on the corner with some other nice dogs. I had my canine eyes glued on that charming japaneze spitz roaming around the court. Very white and seemingly very clean... arf arf arf!! wished I get to meet this spitzy again... grrrrrr..

Friday, January 2, 2009

Popular Dog Name

Naming your dog is a personal decision, there are a few things you should keep in mind. First try to choose a name without too many syllables, it's easier for you to say especially in an emergency and it's easier for your dog to understand.

If you have more than one pet, keep there names as different sounding as possible so they don't get confused, this makes it easier when calling out for one of your pets. You may not want to use one of the more popular dog names to avoid confusion around other dogs, I can tell you from experience the most popular names for Rotweliers are Bear and Tank. If I was to own one I would definitely stay away from these names.

Have fun naming your dogs - by the way I am

Thursday, January 1, 2009


Happy new year every one!!! It's kinda raining bones over mah' plate today. A lot of yummy bones... My pal has been drowning himself with beer., hey boss! watch that tummy!.. Anyway, This will have to be my spot in the wide world of internet. You have heard of a lot of dos talking? flying? swimming?... but have you heard of one blogging? well' now you do... that would have to be me.. See yah around!!!